Adventure Lite for new bike travellers

A few years ago, the Cascade Bicycle Club asked me to present a woman’s perspective on bike travel at the Seattle Bike Expo. I introduced the idea of “Adventure Lite” with accompanying anecdotes, inspiring photos, and compelling logic.

What is Adventure Lite? It’s independent travel for lazy cyclists.

Adventure Lite allows for:

  • Shorter distances
  • Easier terrain
  • Agreeable climate
  • Familiar culture
  • Multi-modal choices
  • Travel magic!

Topics covered:

  • Create easier adventures
  • Take your daily cycling skills on the road
  • Your Top 10 fears and excuses
  • 5 basic truths that will help you get by

LINK: Adventure Lite for new bike travellers with Ulrike Rodrigues (PDF, 21 slides)

Title slide says


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