Symba the Honda Cub travels: biking British Columbia

A solo adventure around western Canada on a vintage-style motorscooter.

For 3 weeks in late summer of 2014, I loaded my little Symba motorbike with camping gear and set out on a solo adventure around my home province of British Columbia. I packed camping gear so I could visit provincial parks and forestry sites along the way.

I chose to ride a Symba because—like the Honda Cub— it is small, tough, and designed for rough roads and novice riders like me.

To my mind, it was a little spin on a motorized bike around my home province—something I might do on a bicycle. It was fun, easy, nothing bad happened, and lots of good things happened.

However, I was surprised by how curious and amazed the people I met were. I even got called a Hard Miler by members of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle club.

I created a trip blog called Symba the Honda Cub Travels so if you’re curious too, you can discover for yourself: the route, the bike, plus 27 stories about the adventure.

Visit the blog now: Symba the Honda Cub Travels – 2000km on a 100cc motorbike on backroads BC, Canada.

Ulrike rodrigues with symba honda cub on bc highway scale
Ulrike Rodrigues with Symba Honda Cub on BC highway scale