Bucket List, Australia: small moments in a big country

What would you do if you’ve done every item on your life’s bucket list?

In 55 years I’ve visited the Grand Canyon and Eiffel Tower, got my motorcycle license, paid off my mortgage, and learned to fear less and live more as a solo woman.

In November 2016 I landed in Sydney Australia with a 4-month tourist’s visa. My friend Jared whisked me off to Bondi Beach where we sipped Cooper’s Ales and watched surfers at a cafe-bar called The Bucket List. We philosophized about life and bucket lists and l told him that—with my arrival in Australia—I’d now completed my life’s bucket list.

What next?

“Why don’t you start a new bucket list?” suggested Jared.

“I’m not a ‘list’ kind of traveller,” I pondered, “But I do value little moments. They’re the kernel of my travel stories and blogs. They’re the best part.”

“So do a blog of little moments,” said Jared. “Collect them in a ‘bucket.’”

I stayed in South Australia for four months exploring vineyards, olive groves, surf beaches and Aboriginal culture.  I even bought a a motorcycle and toured between Adelaide and Melbourne.

Visit the blog now: Bucket List, Australia – small moments in a big country.

A long winding wooden staircase down a slope with a surf beach in the distance in South Australia.