Why I Bike: Interview with Adventure Bike Touring

Partway through my cycling adventure along France’s Canal des Deux Mers, Jim Fullerton sent a text message to my smartphone…

"Just read your post on Facebook, and thought your story as to why you ride a bike would be a good one to tell others on a podcast that I just started for Adventure Bike Touring. Can I tell you more about the details?"

Like me, Jim was a member of a solo bike tourers’ group on Facebook. I’d been sharing photos and stories about my trip with the 7,500 other cyclists in this group. Jim was curious to hear more.

Naturally I said, “Shure!” After all, I tell stories about bike travel because I believe more girls and women need to hear that it’s okay to be curious and adventurous. I’m biased, but I think the best way to do this is on a bicycle.

Jim and I recorded a conversation when I got back home to Vancouver in July 2018. Jim edited the chat down to 45 minutes and added it to Adventure Bike Touring’s podcast “Why I Bike”.

Listen (45 minutes): Why I Bike: Ulrike Rodrigues

Interview Notes for Why I Bike Podcast, from Jim Fullerton

“As with most global bike travelers, they wing it, they go with the flow, and they are grounded lower than most of us – a sense of presence is strong with these people. This describes Ulrike Rodrigues approach towards her bike travels. As an experienced traveler writer, she also has the Sirens’ ability to verbally paint a beautifully scenic landscape in your mind that is irresistible – you have been warned.

“Based in Canada when not solo bike traveling, Uli recently finished a four-week bicycle solo experience that most mere mortal bike tourists only dream – or maybe read about. She has discovered that her travels in India, Australia, Europe, Thailand, Mexico, and Central America, have made her humble. With increased humility came the need to trust people more than before for her basic needs – eat, sleep, bathroom. Uli makes it a point to converse with others while traveling – the result, lasting friendships. Because she believes that the solo bike traveler’s eyes are always open and looking outward.

“Uli talks to me, via her cell phone, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

“The Why I Bike podcast is about bringing you interesting people who love biking, who live to bike and have adventure. There are many of these guides out there, from all over the world, involved in extraordinary adventures with their bicycles. And they all have a story. My enjoyment comes when I present their inspirational story to you, right here.”

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