Camping with a motorcycle across south Australia

A solo motorbike-camping adventure between Adelaide and Melbourne

It’s 2017 and I’m in South Australia happily ticking items off my Australia bucket list. There is just one item remaining: buy a motorcycle and ride it across Australia.

And if I like it, I might do the same once I get back to Canada.

With the help of new friends and supporters, I manage to buy a 1997 Honda Rebel 250cc on Gumtree, borrow some camping gear, acquire maps, and use a couple of bungy cords to strap a massive grey backpack to the rear gear rack of the bike.

“You’re going to camp in the bush?” asked one friend. “Aren’t you afraid of the poisonous spiders and snakes?”

“I’m Canadian,” I reply. “Where I live, it’s bears and cougars you’ve got to look out for.”

Over four weeks I rode the motorcycle on a 3250-kilometer loop. I went south to Kangaroo Island, then east on the Coorong, the Great Ocean Road, up to Melbourne, west to the Grampians, north along the Murray River, west to the Barossa, and then south back to Willunga.

Along the way I rode lovely roads, met friendly people, dropped the bike on a remote forestry road, came face-to-face with a large spider; and drank wine on a beach—frequently.

Go to the photo travelogue: A solo moto-camping adventure in Australia

Here’s a sneak peek:


  1. The whole report I’m thinking that that’s quite a trip on such a little bike in such a big countryside – granted you weren’t doing big distances every day – and then you surprised me that you preferred cycle touring. But I do get it. While I love just rolling through the countryside letting the environment wash over me … the challenge I face is stop and take it all in. But camping on a motorcycle is a great way to travel and meet people.

    Great write up and photos.

  2. Thanks for your interest! Both modes of travel have their benefits, but I must admit cycling is my first love. I found with the Australian heat and all that protective motorcycle gear, I kept talking myself out of stopping because it would be just too damned hot. – U.

  3. Yes it can certainly get hot. You may have noticed that South Australia last week was mid 40’s all week with some areas getting up to 48.

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