Van Bikes: A history of cycling advocacy in Vancouver

I met Colin Stein in 2011, when we were the only two staffers at a Vancouver tech company to ride our bikes to work. Years later, I discovered he’d become a chronicler of bike culture, like myself. He’d created Van Bikes: A History of Cycling Advocacy.

In Colin’s words, the site captures “some of the people, places, stories, art, ideas and decisions that helped shape west coast cycling culture.” Van Bikes records our generation of cycling activism and advocacy in Vancouver.

Van Bikes profiles a small sampling of the artists, educators, engineers, lawmakers, leaders, urban professionals and professional volunteers who have invested their time, health, reputations and careers to bring change to our streets.

I’m very proud to be included in Van Bike’s hall of famers—individuals who contributed to sustainable transportation system to Greater Vancouver.

As a regular contributor to Momentum Magazine in its early years, I wrote on what cycling felt like in the moment. I wrote feature stories, did interviews, and a column, The Adventures of Mitey Miss.

I was also on the board of directors for the Vancouver Area Cycling Coaltion. As part of the marketing committee, I enacted the transition to the rebranded HUB Cycling.

60 faces of cycling advocates in Vancouver

Check out my story It’s the new normal: cycling culture in Vancouver.

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