Cycling France’s Canal des Deux Mers

A touring bicycle next to the Canal du Midi near Carcassone, France.

France – A photo-travelogue of a solo cycle-camping adventure in south France. (Google Photos, 2018)

Bucket List, Australia

A package of minced kangaroo meat, produced by local company Macro Meats in Adelaide, Australia.

Australia – An exploration of small moments in a big country. (WordPress, 2016/2017)


A bicycle in front of a mural in Mural in Serignac-Peboudou, France

France – Tales of ignorance and bliss staying and cycling in the Dordogne (WordPress, 2015/2016)

Symba the Honda Cub Travels

Ulrike's reflection in the chrome headlight of the Symba Honda Cub.

Western Canada – 2000km on a 100cc motorbike on backroads British Columbia (WordPress, 2014)

You are free

Ulrike, PH and bicycles on a trail on the Kettle Valley Trail in BC, Canada.

Journal – Your suicide, my story, in 20 parts (Medium, 2014)

Girl Gone Goa

Ulrike in a sundress on her Indian bicycle on a quiet street in Goa, India.

India – Six months and 60 stories of travel, sex, magic and cycling as a solo woman of Goan descent (WordPress, 2008/2009)

“Is that a FOLDING bike?”

Ulrike pedalling a Dahon folding bicycle with Ortlieb bike panniers on the Icefields Parkway with two bighorn sheep looking on.

Canada – A train and folding bicycle adventure across Western Canada (Blogger, 2009)

The Adventures of Mitey Miss

Close-up view of Ulrike's bicycle with a coffee mug in one water bottle holder, and a box of maple herbal team in the other.

Mitey Miss – Tales of urban cycling and culture in Momentum Magazine (column, 2009-2012).

Adventure Lite

A woman reads a book aboard the vessel MV Uchuck with the BC coastline in the background, Canada.

Adventure Lite – Car-free travels in British Columbia, orginally published in Adventure West magazine (column, 2004 – 2005)

Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey

Two cyclists ride past a roadside sign that reads,

The Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey – Stories of maritimers and their communities in eastern Canada (blog, archive, 1999)


Food and dining column in Spotlight Magazine (column, archive)